Sunday, December 26, 2021

Bottom Ten for 2021

 10 Lowest Bottom-Feeders for 2021

Topping the 2021 list for biggest bottom feeders:

10. Lousiest Loser: Donald Trump 
9. Lips Stuck Fastest to a Pig: Marjorie Taylor Green
8. Hardest Fall from Fame: Rudy Giuliani
7. Most Emasculated: Kevin McCarthy
6. Most Villanous Videographer: Paul Gosar
5.Most contemptible: Mark Meadow
4.Biliarest Blowhard: Jim Jordan
3.Sickest Sicario in Sheepdog's Clothing:  Ron DeSantis
2 Biggest Abominable Bully: Donald Trump
1. Darkest Dereliction of Duty: Donald Trump

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